Print Audit - saving money on your printing costs

On average, businesses spend 7-12% of revenue on document production, management and distribution. Astonishingly, this represents the third largest expense, behind Rent and Human Resources, for a majority of organisations.

Unfortunately, knowing how many sheets of paper you consume each month will tell you little about what you’re actually spending. In fact, few office print server administrators have any idea what is being printed and where, or who is printing and how much it’s costing. This alarming situation can be avoided if you have access to the right print analysis information.


Print Audit Analysis helps enterprises get a grip on printing costs by answering the following questions:

Who is printing?

What are they printing?

Where are the jobs going?

Which printers are used the most?

How large is each print job?

In fact, Print Audit Analysis tracks 25 fields of information including; network user (login), computer name, application name, printing device, port, colour (Y/N), paper size, document name/website address, exact date and time of job, paper type, number of pages/square footage, copies per job, cost per page, total job cost (including all modifiers) and much more.


Accurate Data - Most companies underestimate printing costs by more than 50%. Analysis eliminates the guesswork and shows you the true costs of printing within your organisation.

Reallocate printers based on analysis - An office manager prints thousands of pages per month on an old, expensive printer, while an executive uses a top-of-the-line, low cost printer for only a few pages. With print tracking analysis software, your office manager can easily identify and swap print jobs on these printers to save thousands of pounds.

Reduce paper use by showing that all printing is being monitored - Stacks of pages left on printers at the end of each day will disappear.

Identify excessive volumes - They are easy to spot using Analysis' powerful reporting tools.

Better Decision Making - Analysis helps administrators make rational decisions about what to do with overhead printing costs and equipment purchases.

Document Security - Analysis provides an electronic record, safe from the shredders, that includes the name of every document printed, by whom and when.

High Return On Investment - For companies of all sizes, accurate ongoing analysis of the print environment can yield tremendous savings in resource allocation and human resources, not to mention the benefits derived from greater control over expenses.

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