Mapping Suite

Manage and control business documents through a single communication hub with MAPPING Suite

The MAPPING Suite software system provides a complete, personalised business communication system that encompasses document design, print management and multi-channel delivery. It is compatible with many server platforms and integrates with most output management infrastructures. With the use of Mapping Suite, you gain flexibility to create, re-purpose and synthesise document data from multiple sources and distribute it using print and electronic methods.

MAPPING Suite is easy to install and use, whether your business is small, medium or large. Simple installation can get you up and running quickly. More important, MAPPING Suite can support your business objectives of improving overall communication effectiveness and timeliness, to save time associated with new document applications, reduce cost, enhance output flexibility and maximise asset utilisation.


  • Provides professional, personalised document design

  • Permits multi-channel delivery of business communications

  • Integrates with other business processes and components to help leverage existing investments and improve asset utilisation

  • Enables ease of installation and implementation

  • Delivers a comprehensive enterprise output management solution suitable for small, medium and large businesses

MAPPING Suite generates and monitors output on all server platforms (iSeries/AS400, Unix, Linux, Windows) whatever the information source (database, ERP, files, print jobs…) and destination (print, email, fax, Web, archiving, de-materialisation…). With its user-dedicated spooler, print jobs and printers are managed via a Web browser.

MAPPING Suite automates output and fits into any type of architecture (centralised, remote or mixed) regardless of the volume. From a database and/or print files, MAPPING Suite can generate workable electronic documents that can be used in a variety of ways according to users' needs.


This way, MAPPING Suite allows you to:

What's more, with MAPPING Suite you will save considerable amounts of money on your expenditure budget by:

  • design,

  • print,

  • Archive

  • fax,

  • email,

  • and consult documents locally or remotely.

  • cutting down on unnecessary printing and thus reducing print costs,

  • freeing up office space through electronic archiving,

  • limiting handling,

  • optimising information flow through automatic emailing and faxing,

  • and making access to information easier to all users.

The modularity and simplicity of the software suite provide unmatched responsiveness to business changes and environments by meeting users' expectations and fitting into new types of architecture.

For more information about MAPPING Suite contact our team on 01925 765432.

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