Infoprint Server

Go beyond print and distribute...

Go to the next level of automation to manage and present business information electronically and reduce hard copy costs.

Receive more value from your IBM iSeries investment. Extend core iSeries output capabilities that help enable you to re-engineer business processes to improve service levels, decrease transaction costs, reduce paper flow and enhance competitive advantage with speed and flexibility.

With Infoprint® Server, you can transform any standard iSeries output format and produce electronic output in Advanced Function Presentation (AFPTM) or PDF. This capability allows you to manage and distribute information via e-mail, web or local printing.

Migration to electronic output can reduce the time, costs and waste associated with preprinted hard copy forms. And, you gain iSeries management of network output. InfoPrint Server provides transforms for PCL, PostScript®, GIF, TIFF, JPEG and PDF data into AFP so you can bring these documents into the iSeries for efficient and cost-effective handling.


  • Enables profiling of document/report recipients and delivers their output as they need it (hard copy, e-mail, web, and so on) using 'intelligent routing' functionality.

  • Offers exceptional flexibility and functionality in PDF and e-mail so you can use most popular mail servers, control e-mail elements like subject text, body text and so on, and attach most file types.

  • Provides access to InfoPrint Server functions through iSeries Navigator and Access for Web.

  • Indexes iSeries print files for use with Web browsers and archival systems.

  • Converts ASCII print files to iSeries format (AFP) in order to manage enterprise-wide printing on iSeries printers.

  • Converts Web image formats such as JPEG, TIFF and GIF to iSeries image format.

  • Transforms dynamically any embedded GIF, TIFF and JPEG images into PDF output.