Maxxing - Tailored Promotions

The TAILORED PROMOTIONS module includes the core functionality to help you manage promotions:

  • Document composition application with user-friendly GUI common to all touch-points (coupons, mailings, MMS…)

  • Offer definition tool

  • Execution engine to run all campaigns and promotional offers

Document composition software

This includes an intuitive and user-friendly GUI to design coupon templates or mailings by combining dynamic variable data (amount, “valid until” dates) and graphical elements (logos, pictures, products).

Offer definition tool

Tailored PromotionEvery type of promotional offer can be managed dynamically based on a list of rules (Items, Amount, customer information, site type) and/or whether defined for a customer target or not. For example, the following promotions can be defined:

  • Real-time or deferred rewards.

  • Personal loyalty account balance information.

  • The number of points in the points counter.

  • Gifts.

  • Various information messages.

  • Games.

  • Actions based on reward redemption can also be defined, etc.

Campaign and promotional offer execution engine

The different rewards can be delivered to the customer via one or more touch-points selected by the retailer and the customer:

  • Promotions can print directly during the checkout process in the form of coupons.

  • Promotions can be:
    - Sent to a mobile phone (SMS, MMS, RFID, NFC, Bluetooth, etc.)
    - Emailed or published to the Web
    - Sent in a combination of different ways (mass-mailing, e-mailing, SMS, etc.)

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