Packaging Machines to automate the packing process. Moorgate Limited deliver packaging systems, equipment, machinery and stand alone packaging machines that meet user requirements efficiently and economically and which are backed with expert and readily accessible support.
A-Arm Pallet Wrapper

The A-Arm LP-SWA is a semi-automatic pallet wrapper with fully automatic features. It can be controlled by a wireless remote. This high-performance machine is safe and simple, it has an advanced cut and hold device meaning there is less film slippage and a consistent stretch. There is no need for the operator to attach or cut the film, minimising the amount of risk and maximising performance...

The Box Sizer

The Box Sizer intelligently measures the empty volume of a loaded standard box and cuts and creases it to final package dimensions ready for folding, sealing, bagging and labelling prior to dispatch.

With the increase in shipping and warehousing costs, Linkx Systems is well positioned to help our customer’s bottom line. The fixed footprint box sizer is the entry level sizing...


Our new Intelligent Random Bag Sizer has been specifically designed for E-commerce companies and to compliment our Box Sizer range. The Bag Sizer sizes the random incoming products, adjusts automatically and provides a fully enclosed wrap using opaque LDPE film for safe, secure and waterproof packaging. Products processed through the Bag Sizer...