A-Arm Pallet Wrapper

The A-Arm LP-SWA is a semi-automatic pallet wrapper with fully automatic features. It can be controlled by a wireless remote. This high-performance machine is safe and simple, it has an advanced cut and hold device meaning there is less film slippage and a consistent stretch. There is no need for the operator to attach or cut the film, minimising the amount of risk and maximising performance.

Advanced, Automatic, Affordable.



The A-Arm wraps pallets in a unique way, it starts and ends the pallet wrap at the top of the load. By starting and stopping the wrapping process at the top of the machine, the problem of dragging film tail is eliminated and the load is stabilized early in the wrap cycle.

The A-Arm pallet wrapper has three separate wrap modes: automatic spiral wrapping, automatic top banding, semi-automatic, effectively giving you three machines in one. This innovative machine uses only AC motors. Using no air compressors or pneumatic elements means the machine is almost silent to run. The heavy duty surround deck has both front and back forklift ports, allowing for easy manoeuvrability. The A-Arm’s high performance means you can wrap up to 40 loads an hour, depending on the size and weight of each load. The A-Arm LP-SWA is the only machine that can perform a fully automatic top banding process making it a machine ahead of its time. This machine is energy efficient due to the low voltage needed to power it making it cost effective and affordable.

Difference between a semi & fully automatic pallet wrapper

Semi automatic pallet wrappers can only produce a low volume of wrapped loads per hour. This is due to the time wasted between each pallet being wrapped. The operator is responsible for attaching the film, starting the machine and detaching and securing the film tail to the load, this is a lot of unnecessary labour. A fully automatic pallet wrapper, means there is no need for an operator, except to load the film. The machine begins wrapping the load immediately, no time is wasted attaching the film. The automatic pallet wrapper uses height sensing photo eye technology to tell the film carriage how high to wrap the load. To finish the cycle the fully automatic pallet wrapper will automatically detach the film tail which is then either brushed away or heat sealed to the load.

Benefits of a fully automatic pallet wrapper

There are several benefits of having a fully automatic machine, rather than a semi automatic machine. A fully automatic machine saves you time, money and labour. It is easy and simple to use with reduced operator intervention. You drive the product onto the turntable, the machine wraps your load and you drive off allowing for a much faster pallet wrapping process. So your productivity increases!

Loads / Day Attach & Cut Film Time Days / Year Hourly Rate Annual Savings
25 x 2.5 mins x 260 x £12 £3250
50 x 2.5 mins x 260 x £12 £6500
75 x 2.5 mins x 260 x £12 £9750


The A-Arm LP-SWA is CE Certified and is shown to be both energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Due to the powered pre-stretch on the machine you can reduce the amount of film used. The A-Arm has a fixed stretch capacity of 33% to 313%, this means you use a lot less film than usual, saving you more money. This fixed stretch capacity allows you to produce 4 metres of wrapping from only one metre of film!

Pallet Wrapper Specification


  • Automatic/Semi-automatic/top banding modes
  • LCD Operator Interface with Diagnostics
  • Cycle Pause & reinforce wrap
  • Separate Up/Down Spiral speed controls
  • 3 Separate wrap programs
  • Selectable reduced film tension parameters for wrapping top/bottom of light loads
  • Emergency stop button
  • Wireless Remote cycle start/stop

Film Carriage

  • Special film threading device-orientates sticky side of film against pre-stretch rollers, inside on load.
  • ½ HP AC variable speed motor
  • 33% to 313% fixed stretch capability
  • Carriage Descent Safety Shut-Off Device
  • Superior film-to-roller contact area

Tower Design

  • Fully Enclosed & guarded
  • No exposed Cables
  • Heavy duty formed/structural steel
  • Electro-static powder coated paint finish

Low Profile Turntable

  • 2000kg capacity
  • 1-12 rpm
  • Heavy duty surround deck
  • Forklift tubes- front and rear
  • 1650mm diameter turntable