Printronx - P7000ZT Zero Tear Cartridge Printer

he P7000ZT Zero Tear is the specialized cartridge line matrix printer choice for customers using multi-part and serialized documents that require print on demand single form tear-off usability. The Zero Tear is designed to eliminate waste of forms, reducing operating costs. Through its unique tractor configuration, the P7000ZT Zero Tear pushes pre-printed media through the hammer bank, eliminating waste of valuable forms.



 he P7000ZT Zero Tear Cartridge Printer is the specialized line matrix choice for customers using multi-part and serialized documents that require single form tear-off usability. They are designed to eliminate waste, and reduce operating costs. Available for smaller spaces where front accessibility and maneuverability is important, the P7000ZT Zero Tear pushes pre-printed media through the hammer bank, allowing users to print on demand one form at a time. The P7000ZT Zero Tear offer all of the standard features and reliability found in the entire P7000 Cartridge series. Offered in 500 to 1,500 lines per minute for your specialized, print on demand needs.




Pedestal-Cabinet Selection Guide

There are two major configurations of P7000 printers and P7000H printers available: pedestal and quiet cabinet. The following chart helps describe how these two different styles compare. Identify the parameters most important for your application and see how each model rates.


Quiet Cabinet


Operating costs Same Same
Reliability Same Same
Software emulations, I/O options, and system connectivity Same Same
Range of media types Same Same
Smaller foot print   X
Easier mobility   X
Lower purchase price   X
Access to printed output   Top & Rear without opening covers
Secure input paper supply and output paper Fully Enclosed  
Quiet Operation 50-53 dBA 65-68 dBA
Large unattended print runs Full box capability  
Speed Up to 2000 LPM Up to 1500 LPM

For more information on the P7000HD Series call 01925 765432.

P7000 Cartridge Zero Tear FAQ

Question: What is a P7000ZT Zero Tear printer?
Answer: It’s a line matrix printer designed specifically to enable printing of single sheets or short runs without any loss of forms.
Question: How much of my form is available for printing on the P7000ZT?
Answer: The entire form. With the Zero Tear printer you can print everywhere from the very first to the very last line on the form.
Question: Can a new P7000ZT Cartridge Line Matrix Printer replace a serial matrix printer?
Answer: Yes. All P7000 cartridge printers support the most common serial matrix printer emulations. The Zero Tear model would be a drop in place, low cost, print on demand replacement.
Question: How does the cost of operation and consumables for P7000ZT compare with serial matrix?
Answer: Line matrix offers a tremendous cost savings. Serial matrix ribbon cartridges are more expensive than P7000 cartridge ribbons. This, however, is only half the savings. Serial matrix print heads are also consumables and need frequent replacement. Print heads alone typically exceed $400 and normally require a service call to replace. Adding this to the cost of the ribbon, a serial matrix printer can be more than 3X more expensive to operate.
Question: Is there any compatibility problems trying to replace an existing line matrix printer with a new P7000ZT Zero Tear model?
Answer: No. The Zero Tear printers are full PSA3 family members. They share all the same emulations and connectivity options.
Question: Where does the paper exit for tear off?
Answer: The paper comes straight out the top of the printer, making it easy to tear while standing or sitting in front of the printer.
Question: How mobile are these new printers?
Answer: The printers have oversized casters. The standard Ethernet wireless interface to PrintNet Enterprise™ enables you to quickly move your printer to where it is needed.
Question: Do I have to manually eject and retract the paper each time I want to tear a sheet off?
Answer: No. The printers automatically move the paper up to the tear position when printing is complete. Once more data queued up for printing the zero tear printer draws the paper back down to the print station.
Question: Do I have to tear between each sheet or can several be kept together?
Answer: The printer will not eject to the tear bar until the print job is completed so several sheets can be kept together. It simply keeps printing in one continuous stream, until the data stops and the print job completes. At that time, the short run can be torn off.