InfoPrint 6500 Cartridge Ribbon

Meet the demands for efficiency and manageability in high-volume environments. The InfoPrint® 6500 line matrix printer with cartridge ribbon technology is built to adapt rapidly to changing business environments. With a state-of-the-art print engine and controller technology, you can confidently meet the demands of back office,data processing and supply chain applications. Powerful remote management capabilities help to maximise printer utilisation. The cartridge ribbon system provides “clean-hands” technology, which can expedite ribbon changes and reduce the need for printer cleaning. The Mobius loop ribbon operation is designed to deliver consistent print quality throughout the life of the ribbon.



  • Pedestal and enclosed cabinet designs to maximise floor space and reduce noise
  • Real-time alert messaging to communicate printer status immediately
  • Bar code, graphics and overlay capabilities
  • Intelligent ribbon system to maintain optimum print quality
  • Low total cost of printing with extreme reliability




High-performance printer control unit

Leverage the improved processing power of the InfoPrint® 6500 to increase the function and appeal of your supply chain documents by adding bar codes, graphics, or even implementing overlays as a means to get away from preprinted forms.

Intelligent ribbon system

Help eliminate costly reprints and unacceptable output by taking advantage of the InfoPrint 6500’s ability to stop printing and alert the operator when a new ribbon is needed, and then automatically reset Ribbonminder when a new ribbon is installed.

High-function operator interface

Maximise usability with the new multilingual operator interface with backlit 2x48 LCD display, and built-in high visibility attention light.

Optional 10/100BaseT Ethernet card and InfoPrint Solutions Company Printer Management Utility

Optimise user efficiency and printer uptime by allowing the InfoPrint 6500 to pro-actively contact the appropriate operator when assistance is needed by way of automatic e-mail notification of printer messages. Additionally, the Printer Management Utility delivers the ability to view real-time printer and ribbon life status, download custom configurations to multiple printers, and take complete control of a printer via a virtual control panel.

Optional wireless Ethernet

Eliminate the cost of running Ethernet cable for printer installations in new facilities or in sites where printer mobility is necessary.

Optional Telnet 3270e/5250e

Migrate legacy coax/twinax SCS applications to Ethernet while minimising application changes.

Optional ANSI 3.64

Take advantage of more powerful, cost-effective technology by migrating legacy, non-InfoPrint Solutions Company printers to the InfoPrint 6500.





Maximum print speed (Ipm)

Models v05/v5P: Fast draft mode: 500; DP mode: 375; NLQ mode: 200; Acoustics: 50 dBA/62 dBA

Models v10/v1P: Fast draft mode: 1,000; DP mode: 750; NLQ mode: 400; Acoustics: 50 dBA/66 dBA

Model v15: Fast draft mode: 1,500; DP mode: 1,125; NLQ mode: 600; Acoustics: 52 dBA

Model v20: Fast draft mode: 2,000; DP mode: 1,500; NLQ mode: 842; Acoustics: 55 dBA

Print options

Vertical spacing: 3, 4, 6 or 8 lines per inch, or as selected by host

Horizontal spacing: 10, 12, 13.3, 15, 16.7, 18, 20 characters per inch

Form specifications

Continuous form width: 3" to 17" (7.6 cm to 43.2 cm) with tear strips

Continuous form length: 3" to 24" (7.6 cm to 61 cm)

Horizontal and vertical fine-scale forms adjustments

One-to-six part forms

Dual-position lid on pedestal to allow quick access to forms

Printer emulations

Standard: IBM Proprinter; Epson FX-1050; P-Series XQ; Serial Matrix

Optional: Twinax: 4234 Models 2, 8 and 12; 5225 Models 1, 2, 3 and 4; COAX: 3287 Models 1 and 7, 4234 Models 1, 2 and 11; InfoPrint Solutions Company IPDS™; Code V/IGP; ANSI 3.6; Telnet 5250/3270

Physical characteristics



Models v05, v10, v15, v20: 41"/27"/29"/225 lbs. (103.3 cm/68.6 cm/73.7 cm/102.1 kg)

Models v5P, v1P: 35.5"/24.6"/30"/120 lbs. (90.2 cm/62.5 cm/76.2 cm/54.4 kg)


Standard: RS-232; IEEE 1284/Centronics Parallel

Optional: RS-422; Coax/Twinax (SCS or IPDS); 10/100BaseT Ethernet (ASCII or IPDS); Wireless Ethernet; Auto switching between active interfaces

Power consumption



Models v05/v5P: Nominal power at 120 VAC: 167 watts²

Models v10/v1P: Nominal power at 120 VAC: 197 watts

Model v15: Nominal power at 120 VAC: 231 watts

Model v20: Nominal power at 120 VAC: 251 watts

Power requirements

Auto-ranging 120/240 VAC; 50/60 Hz

Environmental operating conditions


Relative humidity

15% to 80% (non-condensing)


50 to 104 degrees F (10 to 40 degrees C)