infoPrint Pro C900AFP

The InfoPrint® Pro C900AFP offers the flexibility to support multiple datastreams that can accommodate mission-critical applications such as invoices or other transactional documents, personalized direct mail pieces or Print On-Demand applications such as manuals, booklets and color presentations. For one or more of these applications, the InfoPrint Pro C900AFP can provide the versatility, quality and speed that are essential to customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.



  • Enables high resolution output with the 1200 x 1200 DPI two-bit colour engine
  • Delivers full-colour, mission-critical variable data documents, such as invoices, statements, TransPromo, personalized direct mail or Print On-Demand documents using IPDS, PPML, PostScript or PDF datastreams
  • Includes InfoPrint Job Ticket Editor, which creates fully finished PostScript or PDF jobs
  • Runs heavy stock, up to 300 gsm¹,², at rated speeds with air-assisted feed
  • Supports coated stocks of 130 gsm up to 300 gsm4
  • Minimizes operator downtime with on-the-fly toner and paper additions
  • Allows maximum paper size of 13" x 19.2"
  • Facilitates efficient printer management via a flexible, easy-to-use operator interface


Item Specifications
Hardware components
Printer controller External InfoPrint Solutions printer controller supports color IPDS, PostScript, PDF and PPML using an IBM Quad-Core Intel Xeon Processor. Includes CPU, stand, touch-screen monitor and keyboard.
Print speed Up to 90 ipm¹
Maximum monthly usage 400,000 duty cycle²

240,000 per month maximum average usage
Paper handling
Standard input capacity Up to 2,500 sheets using standard input trays
  • Tray 1 – (tandem tray) 1,000 x 2 sheets
  • Tray 2 – 500 sheets
Output capacity SR5000 3000 sheets (letter/A4)
  • Offset stacking
  • Proof tray:
    • 500 sheets
  • Staple capacity:
    • 2 to 100 sheets (letter/A4)
  • Optional PU5000 2/3, 2/4 or 4 hole punch unit
Optional input , output and accessories³
RT5000 A4/LTR high capacity tray
Note: cannot use with RT5020)
4,550 sheets (letter/A4), up to 216 gsm
  • Tray 3:
    • 1,000 sheets
  • Tray 4:
    • 1,000 sheets
    • 2,550 sheets
    Tray 5:
RT5020 13" x 19.2" high capacity tray (up to two). If two RT5020s are configured, then the BU5000 bridge unit is required. 4,000 sheets (A5/HLT SEF) to 13" x 19.2" and custom sizes, up to 300 gsm
  • Tray 3:
    • 2,000 sheets
  • Tray 4:
    • 2,000 sheets
BY5000 multibypass tray 500 sheets (letter/A4), up to 216 gsm
C15010 cover interposer 400 sheets (A5_SEF/HLT_SEF to 13" x 19.2"), up to 216 gsm
  • Tray 1:
    • 200 sheets
  • Tray 2:
    • 200 sheets
SK5000 high capacity stacker and cart (up to two) 5,000 sheet stacker with roll-away cart
  • Proof tray:
    • 500 sheets
  • Additional roll-away carts available
BK5010e saddle-stitch booklet maker
Requires BK5010 rail unit
Additional options:
  • CF5020 cover feeder unit
  • TR5020 trimmer unit
RB5000 ring punch Punches and ring binds 2 to 100 sheets (20 lb)
  • 100 and 50 page ring options (black or white)
GB5000 perfect binder Perfect binds books up to 200 pages (20 lb.)
  • Cover interposer (200 pages)
  • Glue bind
  • 3 side, 1 side or no trim
Printer media
Sizes A3 (SEF)

B4 (SEF)







foolscap (SEF)

Folio (SEF)


Executive 10.5" x 7.25" & 10.5" x 8" & 10" x 8" (all LEF)

Executive other (SEF)

SRA3 (SEF) and custom edge—width min 5.5" max 13"—length min 7.17" max 18.03"

Weight = 60 to 220 gsm without large capacity tray; 60 to 300 gsm with large capacity tray. With A4/LCT = 60 to 216 gsm (duplex not supported above 220 gsm) (coated stock below 130 gsm not supported).
Types Paper types:
  • Please contact your InfoPrint representative for approved or recommended types.
Communication protocols TCP-IP
Print language support Advanced Function Presentation – Intelligent Printer Data Stream (IPDS), PostScript, PDF, PPML
Print Drivers and Utilities Print drivers – Adobe PostScript 3:
  • Windows Server 2003, XP, Vista, Server 2008, Seven: 32-Bit
  • Mac OS 10.5, 10.6 Windows® and Mac Drivers
    • Developed for Basic and Advanced Users
    • Bidirectional
    • Built with Install programs
    • Integrated Virtual Visual Job Ticket Editor
      • Job Property Capabilities
        • Basic Setup – name, description, copies
        • Finishing
        • Layout – including multiple up support
        • Color
        • Media
      • Page-level Capabilities
        • Inserts
        • Media Substitution
        • Layout Substitution
        • Subset Finishing
        • Tabs, including inserting text onto the tab

    AIX® 5.2 and above (AIX printing subsystem)

    Linux® open SUSE 10.3 – CUPS base printer driver

    Full PPD

    • Stand-Alone Direct Submission Utility
      • Submits Single or Multiple (PS or PDF) Jobs with or without Job Tickets
      • Calls Job Ticket Editor for New or Modified Tickets
    • Network Printer Manager
Software support PSF for zSeries® V4 R1 +PTF

PSF for iSeries® V5 R4 +PTF

InfoPrint Manager AIX V4 R3 +PTF

InfoPrint Manager WIN V2 R3 +PTF

InfoPrint Productivity Tracker V2 R1 +PTF

InfoPrint Process Director (IPPD) V1.3.1 PU6
Physical characteristics Printer version base unit (H x W x D): 57" x 49" x 39" (1450 x 1250 x 990 mm)

Weight: 1543 lbs. (700 kg)

Control Unit (H x W x D including stand and monitor): 53" x 24" x 36" (1346 x 610 x 914 mm)

Weight 160 lbs (73 kg)
Power requirements Base engine:
  • 208 V - 240 V, 24 A, 50/60 Hz—North America
  • 220/230/240 V, 25 A, 50/60 Hz—European version

Printer controller:
  • 100 V - 120 V/200 V - 240 V, 10 A/5 A, 50/60 Hz—worldwide
Warranty Worldwide warranty period is 90 days, break/fix only, unless country law dictates otherwise. Base warranty service level is 9x5 Next Business Day onsite repair. Warranty does not include toner or preventative maintenance (PM). Maintenance upgrades may be available. Customers will receive toner and preventive maintenance with a signed maintenance agreement. If a maintenance agreement is signed during warranty, the click and maintenance (MMMC) will begin billing from the date of installation. If an in-warranty maintenance agreement is purchased the provisions for warranty are included. Please contact your InfoPrint Solutions Company representative.
Usage click Toner is included. There are two separate click rates: one for any impression using black toner only and one for any impression using color toner. Under the standard program customers will be billed for both click rates each month. The usage click is per impression. Any paper size up to A3 (297 mm x 420 mm, 11.69" x 16.54") is counted as one usage click. Any size equal to or greater than A3 is counted as two usage clicks. For more information on this or alternative usage programs please contact your InfoPrint Solutions Company representative. InfoPrint reserves the right to bill for excessive toner consumption. Refer to for more information.