Our Big 21st Quiz...How well did you do?

The Big 21st Quiz has now closed.

Moorgate would like to say a big Thank You to all those who entered our Big 21st Quiz!

Only those who got all nine questions correct will be put into the draw and the lucky winner will be posted on our site in the next few days!

We know you are all eager to find out the winner, but for now, sit back, enjoy your mints, and take a look at the answers...

"How well did you do?”


  1. The AS/400 (iSeries) is sold in more countries than which brand?


  2. On May 11th 1997, the IBM Deep Blue computer beat which Grandmaster at chess?

    Garry Kasparov

  3. What does IBM stand for?

    International Business Machines

  4. In what year was the AS/400 renamed the eServer iSeries?


  5. What was the code name for the AS/400?


  6. Thomas Watson made the remark, “ I think there is a world wide market for x computers.” How many did he state?


  7. When was the IBM eight bar logo designed?


  8. What is IBM's nickname?

    Big Blue

  9. Gordon Brownbill (one of the founders of Moorgate Ltd) played chess against a future Grandmaster when the prodigy was 12 years old (and lost). Which future Grandmaster was he?

    Nigel Short

 The winner will be notified soon!